About Us

HAASE Environmental Consulting GmbH (HEC) is a consulting company for:

  • Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment (MBT)
  • Biowaste Treatment (BT)
  • Food waste Treatment (FT)
  • Agricultural Biogas Plants (BGP)
  • other recycling technologies, in particular recycling of plastic material resulting from municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Landfill technology including landfill gas utilisation and leachate treatment

Our team consists of highly experienced specialists responsible over a number of years for the development of these technologies within the HAASE group. From the start of 2009 HAASE Environmental Consulting GmbH (HEC) became an independent company under the management of Jürgen Martens. 

Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling for production of salable products … 

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Preparation of tender documents...


MBT Gipuzkoa (Spain)

Mechanical-biological waste treatment plant in Spain (170,000 / 20,000 t/year)...


MBT Malta North

Feasibility Study and preparation of tender documents


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Waste treatment plant in Ljubljana (Slovenia)...