HEC Global Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and Principles

Our business is the environment.

Our aim is based on our management guidelines, to achieve the best of business ethics, safety and environmental performance and social awareness by:

  • Seeking a safe and healthy work environment that is incident and injury free
  • Protecting the natural environment against harmful influences
  • Protecting HEC´s assets through aggressive loss prevention property conservation and risk management

We think that environmental aspects, health care and occupational safety are an integral part of our commercial issues.

We assist our clients in the design and operation of eco-friendly and safe plants. We regard the relevant legal DIN-EN-Standards as the premise upon which we develop our services and we apply the same standards to our partners and suppliers.

The economic utilization of resources and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies is based on intensive research and development.

In order to ensure the highest possible standard of maintenance of Environmental, Health and Safety standards, our staff regularly participates in special training sessions.

In addition to the implementation of the latest technologies and adherence to the specifications of our directives, it is our aim to make sure that our employees take over an active role in implementing our Environmental, Health and Safety principles, supporting and optimising processes.

In order to achieve this worldwide, we will:

  • establish safety and environmental management systems that are part of our company´s quality management system.
  • require employees to report potential safety and environmental hazards and issues, and be involved in finding reliable solutions.
  • be partner with customers to assist them in improving their Environmental, Health and Safety performance.
  • need suppliers and subcontractors who operate consistently with our policy and implement a safe and environmentally responsible work environment.
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